Our olive trees are of the Pelion variety, or otherwise better known as the "Amphissa Olives". The fruit they bear is plump, fleshy, crisp and delicious. One can attribute the taste to the groves' natural characteristics, particularly the 'hilly' and rocky landscape which is only naturally irrigated.

It is widely acknowledged that even though excessive irrigation may produce larger olives, they lack in substance and precious ingredients. Table olives are hand-picked in stages; the green ones are picked first and then the black ones.

The larger quantity of the green olives is stored in brine and lemon juice to preserve their green colour and crispiness. The so-called 'crushed' olives are produced on demand in smaller quantities. They are pressed, or more precisely 'crushed', while they're green and fresh and are also stored in brine and lemon juice. The same applies for the so-called 'black' olives, save for a small quantity which are carved and stored in vinegar.